Together with Institute faculty, Guest Instructors and Associates, my aim is to provide a welcome home for anyone seeking to expand their hearts, their minds and their talents for the betterment of their own lives and for the world around us.

The goal of JSAI is to bring an expansive core program dedicated to bringing integrity and quality instruction to the field of Spiritual healing and personal development. I hope you will consider becoming part of our learning community.

These wonderful and inspiring programs will be offered Live Online and in Pre-Recorded formats for your freedom of access and the most beneficial experience.

In time, as we put Covid-19 behind us and begin to venture out into the world again, we will also be offering programs at our Nature Facility in Western NY.

Spirituality... Philosophy... Healing Arts... Psychic and Mediumship Practice... Meditation... Ministry and Mentorship Programs... Spirit Art... Spiritual Counseling... Fine Arts and Contemporary Arts Programs... Personal Development... Pathways to Healing Retreat Experiences... 12 Step Recovery Programs

I hope you will take advantage of many of our offers as they come online in coming months.